Classes + Final Projects

Nonlinear Control (CDS 233) : Spring 2022

[Final Project Report]


Tonkens, Sander, and Sylvia Herbert. "Refining Control Barrier Functions through Hamilton-Jacobi Reachability." (2022).

Orbital Mechanical Sytem

Viability Kernel from CBF using HJB

Viability Kernel from extended CBF using HJB

Nonlinear Dynamics (CDS 232) : Winter 2021

[Final Project Report], [Video]

Obstacle avoidance with CBFs

Robotics (ME/CS/EE 133b) : Winter 2021

[Final Project Report], [Video]

Obstacle detection and avoidance with RRT

Robotics (ME/CS/EE 133a) : Fall 2021

[Final Project Report], [Video]

Atlas playing drums in ROS

Undergraduate Projects + Research (UC Berkeley)

Honors Undergraduate Research (CE H194) :

Spring 2019 - Fall 2020

Adviser: Dr. Alexandre M. Bayen

[Final Report(s)]

CARLA simulations for safety evaluations for autonomous vehicles

Second Order PDE model for the ring experiment.

Design of Cyber-Physical Systems (CE 186) :

Fall 2019

About: We created a visualization tool for transit planners to better understand the needs of the transit users and propose optimal routes.

Final Project Report:

Please email bahati95 [at] berkeley [dot] edu

Adviser: Dr. Scott Moura

Arduino testing with GPS and radar sensors

Architecture of our system (database + sensors + software tool)

Creating Hydrogel particles for analysis in a turbulence tank

Hydrogel particles in turbulence tank